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10 months ago (Jul 30th, 2019) by Adam

Sol Press Project Roundup – 07/29/2019

I promised updates every other Monday, so it’s time for another Sol Press Project Roundup! Everything is progressing rather smoothly, and we hope you’re looking forward to everything we’ve got on the way!


Visual Novels:

My Fair Princess:

  • QA being implemented.

Choose Your Mistress:

  • No numbers again this time, but I’ve reminded TBAC that he approved the release date.

Onii Kiss: Onii-chan, Where’s my Kiss?:

  • Awaiting tech work for QA.


  • Translation 26%, no editing numbers.

Love Among the Sunflowers:

  • Translation 28%, editing 5%.

Bunny Chronicles:

  • Translation complete, editing around 8%.

Work on Future Radio to start soon.

Light Novels:

Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World for My Retirement:

  • Volume 1 print copies releasing next month!
  • Volume 2 fully translated and edited.

Redefining the Meta at VRMMO Academy

  • Volume 1 print copies releasing next month!
  • Volume 2 fully translated, no editing numbers.

Why Shouldn’t a Detestable Demon Lord Fall in Love?!:

  • Volume 1 100% translated, 54% edited.

Battle Divas:

  • Volume 2 and 3 print copies releasing next month!

Strongest Gamer: Let’s Play in Another World:

  • Volume 2 print copies releasing next month!


How to Treat a Lady Knight Right:

  • Volume 2 68% translated, editing to begin this week!

If you don’t see a project listed on here, please rest assured that it’s in the works. If we haven’t updated your favorite project, that simply means we don’t have any updates to give at this time. We’ll update all our projects as updates come in, so keep your eyes peeled!